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Design Portfolio

A holistic collection of design and advertising campaigns


Today We Spray

In order to drive sales growth for the Krylon brand we had to reach Project People, people who truly love transforming their objects into something entirely new. To do so, we created a digital and social campaign united by a singular rally cry: Today We Spray.


The Everyday Collection

Target was looking to grow its grocery business but struggled to meet its goals with campaign messaging based on conventional category promises of fresh produce, low prices, and convenience. We saw the opportunity to reinvent the category and sell groceries in a way that only Target could. We focused on the mundane, common truths of groceries and essentials and, with The Everyday Collection, elevated them through a ridiculously self-aware lens of fashion.


Target Run

Target has always been associated with the big, infrequent, stock-up trip for paper and baby products. But with changing consumer behavior toward smaller, almost daily trips, we needed to redefine the Target run for a new generation.


Odysseys Await

Sperry is an iconic heritage brand that had become deeply associated with an aging, yacht club preppy vibe. We brought the brand back to its adventurous roots by channeling the intrepid spirit of its founder Paul Sperry, and developing everything from a new idea system to an integrated campaign.

Advance Auto Parts

Inside The Garage

For the man skilled enough to rebuild his own engine, the garage represents more than just a workspace. It’s a shrine. It was time those united by their passion for getting under the hood had a brand they could call their own. We reinvented the Advance Auto Parts brand from the ground up, driving a 33% increase in share of wallet.

Google Pay

A Better Way To Pay, By Google

Mobile payments were introduced in 2014, but adoption has stalled. Now, banks, retailers, and tech companies are pouring billions into the category to ignite growth. Google asked us to introduce their unified payment platform, Google Pay, and to help them become the global leader in the mobile payments race.

Global Localization

We designed the Google Pay website and localized it for 24 countries and 10 languages — working with Google employees around the world not to simply translate, but to tell the Google Pay story in a way authentic to each locale.

Loews Hotels

A Wonderful Place To Wander

Creating long-lasting relationships between customers and hotels has become increasingly difficult in a highly competitive landscape dominated by large chains and online travel agencies with multi-million-dollar advertising budgets. To face this challenge head-on, we created a distinctive, targeted digital campaign to drive interest and convert that interest into direct bookings.